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Joshua Frazier
Nibley City Council


I am a resident of Nibley City, general contractor, small business owner, hobby farmer, Realtor, husband and father. I work primarily in property management and enjoy remodeling and fixing things up. I have been happily married for 17 years and have 7 children. 

I love my country and feel fortunate to live in Cache County.   Yet, I am saddened that the current growth and power of government threatens the very liberties and opportunities I cherish.  As my children grow and have their families, I want them to have the priceless freedom to pursue their own happiness.   This can only occur as good and decent people stand up to restore America to her founding principles.

I have neither held nor sought after a public office.   However, because of my concern for liberties lost, I feel it a patriotic duty to do what is in my power to keep this nation free.  This effort begins in my own home and right here in my community.

As a city council member I will seek to make decisions that are:

  1. Based on constitutional principles

  2. Fiscally conservative

  3. Morally sound

  4. In line with my conscience and personal integrity.



I am grateful for the things I have learned by running for this position. Though I was not elected, I still came out the winner!  I have gained valuable friendships and have increased my learning both in government and in the principles of freedom.

I want to deeply thank each of you who rallied behind me and supported me during this campaign.

Thank you!
Joshua Frazier

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